Seuic AUTOID 10 Handheld Mobile Computer

AUTOID 10 Handheld Mobile Computer
A new platform will combine powerful “Core” capabilities with fast and accurate AI scanning. Design the battery back cover so that it is easy to replace battery. Furthermore, the new Wi-Fi6 Ready Technology brings a smooth communication experience. A long standby battery is a real challenge, escorting the continuous operation strength for two shifts for the frontline work. With the highest level of protection, it’s easy to handle when it comes to water, dust, and falls. It’s designed to enhance human-computer interactions in several ways, including more precise reminders and a more intuitive terminal operation. Furthermore, it also supports scanning options for standard and extended ranges to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

• Qualcomm octa core, WIFI6 Ready, 2.4G+5G dual band WIFI, AI 1.15 TOPS, UFS flash.
• MU-MIMO, power saving optimization, easy support up to 16 hours continuous scanning.
• Body reinforced design and IMD process keys with backlit which support more than 5 years life time.
• Extend range scanner up to 10m range and DPM reading specialist with led reading status prompt.

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