Champtek SK-100 Multifunction Kiosk

Multifunction scan kiosk for diversified applications in self-service, auto-ID, multimedia service and digital signage

The SK-100 is a multifunction scan kiosk designed for diversified applications in self-service, ID identification, information service, multimedia service, digital signage and your customized interactive applications and services in every environment of retail, transportation, medical care, hospitality and office building. SK-100 is the best self-service kiosk solution with powerful hardware, open platform of Linux or Android, and flexible hardware options in compact body. It comes with security protected web-based management tools allowing easy management from remote. SK-100 brings productivity, efficiency and convenience to your business and service in good price budget. For information about our OEM models and services, please contact our regional sales representative.

  • 10.1-inch LCD display with capacitive multitouch screen
  • Powerful dual-core or quad-core ARM processor
  • Linux or Android operating system
  • LAN and WIFI network connectivity in option
  • 2D imager scanner, NFC reader in option
  • Scalable options in PoE, video camera, Bluetooth audio
  • Audio and video streaming or playback
  • HDMI port for external display scalability
  • 3 USB ports for peripheral expansion (barcode scanner, smartcard reader, printer, keyboard, mouse, flash disk)


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